Please bear the following in mind as failure to do so may hold up your application:

  • Provide as much information as possible when first submitting your application but only submit relevant quotes i.e. those fitting the criteria (see FAQS)
  • Where possible make sure that the people you quote are expecting us to contact them, especially in the case of authors who can only be contacted through agents or publishers, and please be sure to spell their names correctly as the slightest mis-spelling can make searching online very difficult
  • We will not use contact information that you provide directly to us, i.e. private telephone numbers and email addresses, when approaching the people you are quoting
  • You may only submit one title per form but you may submit as many titles as you have quotes for
  • On successful application you will be requested to email a product description, book cover and brief author biography (portrait optional), and bear in mind that by sending these you confirm that you hold their copyright and that you give consent for Ascribe to use them


published author literary agent or consultant professional editor
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