Who can I quote?

We accept quotes from the following sources:      

  • Literary agents
  • Literary consultants 
  • Professional fiction editors
  • Authors with books accepted for inclusion on Ascribe
  • Authors published by a third party publisher
  • Reviews from national newspapers 

We don't accept quotes from:

  • Purely self-published or non-fiction authors 
  • Book trade professionals not working primarily with fiction
  • Reviews from regional newspapers
  • Reviews from anonymous bloggers
  • Unpublished school or college lecturers

Although these guidelines may seem harsh to some, the fact is that if you've tried to get published and failed to get even one of the former to say something nice about your work then it's probably time for some extra tuition

What can I submit?

  • Novels
  • Short story collections

What can't I submit?

  • Single short stories or articles
  • Non-fiction of any kind, i.e. biographies, memoirs, cookery books etc

How much will it cost to advertise on Ascribe?

Rates can be found at the bottom of the Sign Up page

How many books can I submit?

As many as you have quotes for


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