Isabel Burt spent her teenage years having many adventures in Southern France, where she was deposited each summer to visit her father. Winters were spent incarcerated in a dire school nothing remotely like the fun ones she had read about. From this she developed a life-long love of the natural world, and escape! After a brush with Speech Therapy, she escaped to Europe, before returning to the midlands for the biggest adventure of all - a husband, three beautiful children, and a collection of naughty animals. She did try to grow up, becoming a piano teacher, and studying English Literature, a passion inherited from her mother. At six, she began to write poetry, but Toxics is her first novel. She blogs at advertise your quality self-published novel


Isabel's Ascribe title is: advertise your quality self-published novelToxics

4.6 stars on Amazon

Categories:  Young Adult / Fantasy 

'The secret of a good book is to become so immersed in the narrative that
you forget you are reading a story. It is only when you come up for air at
'The End' that you realise the enormity of the fantastic journey you've
just been on. I'm delighted to say that 'Toxics' is one of those very good

Helen Hollick, bestselling author of Sea Witch and the Pendragon's Banner Trilogy and Managing Editor, Historical Novel Society Indie Reviews



Fourteen year old Felicity Penfold is swept unwillingly into a mystical world where plants and beasts are equal, and all is heard.

There she meets an Orion boy, Reuben, whom she must help in order to return home. His quest? To save his beloved Old World from the threat of the Toxics - led by Arrass, their venomous leader.

Felicity is slowly drawn into this primitive, powerful Old World, and as the quest becomes a race to the Sacred Caves, she begins to understand her strength, helped by the creatures and plants who become her friends.

With Reuben enticing her further into the folds of the Old World - his story becomes her story. But did she arrive in time?


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