advertise your quality self-published novelI spent over twenty years writing the stories that I felt I should write while trying to access the voice that would lead me into the 'mainstream' of publication, but nothing ever satisfied me in the way that writing 'The Fox & The Fish has done. This book found my real inner voice and allowed my mind to twist and turn the subjects and characters with a previously unattainable freedom. Long Live Anarchy!

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"This is a very funny book, with puns and slow burns everywhere. The blurb warns of ‘Elements of Adult Humour', and there are more than elements of that.  We're told we're in an amorphous corner of an imagined Ireland, but we're never far at all from the likes of Flann O'Brien, Joyce, Milligan, etc.

There are sly jokes everywhere - this book is sexy, and kind, and playful.  It's so puzzling and allusive and fast that it makes the world more interesting when you stop. And leaves you feeling a bit more amorphous yourself"

Rony Robinson, author, playwright and Sony/Radio Academy Award winning presenter of BBC Radio Sheffield’s Morning Show


"Wow!dunno whether to think it's James Joyce or Colin Bateman... This is rich prose."

Joan Deitch, London-based copy editor for Pollingers

"Destined to become a Cult Classic, this is a book most writers would love to have written ...but daren't. It will take you to a far ocean of lyrical surrealism where you will learn to become part of The Shoal and, before you know it, you'll be Swimming Out Loud."

Bryony Doran, author of The China Bird, winner of the Hookline Book Prize


Julius McEarly, in a surreal landscape of his own metaphoric inner thoughts and haphazard projections of reality, is a man on the run from a previous life. He sees himself as a Fish... but not just any Fish... A Capital Letter Fish... a Noun Fish... moonlit of the Scales and slick and agile of the Fin.

In his search for Anarchy, Freedom and Love, with perhaps along the way just a little Immortality, his dearest wish is to become ordinary and rejoin The Shoal.

Struggling to survive in a world where 'Normality' is under a process of constant revision, he finds his future placed in the hands of an eleven-year-old Tinker girl... whose hair is a bright conflagration upon her head, whose lies wisp her teeth like chicken feathers, and whose eyes are blacker than he ever saw on a Kipper. Enter The Fox...

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