advertise your quality self-published novelBorn and raised in Austria, Inge H. Borg completed her language studies in London and Paris. To continue her study of French, she accepted a job at the French Embassy in Moscow. An Austrian company transferred Ms. Borg to the States (for a one-year stint). Seeking new challenges, she then worked on both coasts and, after several years in San Diego, finally became a US citizen. Needless to say, she fell in love with America and never moved back to Europe.

Ms. Borg now lives in a diversified lake community in Arkansas, where she continues to write historical and contemporary fiction. She also published a non-fiction book about Pasha, her rescued Maine Coon tom and his former shelter buddies. Her poetry has been published in over twenty anthologies and was chosen for professionally recorded readings.

She is a staunch supporter of her Indie-writer colleagues featuring the best of them on her two blogs. Naturally, there she also crows about her own writing when her novels are recognized by readers and other authors. A usually shy and reserved lady, this is one area where she dares to drop some hints.

Her hobbies include world literature, opera, sailing and, of course, devising plots for future novels.

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promote your quality self-published novelKHAMSIN, The Devil Wind Of The Nile

Categories: Literary / Historical

4.4 stars on Amazon

3.8 stars on Goodreads

"A novel that ticks all the boxes. Superbly written, superbly presented, superb plot – and a superb reading experience. The setting is exotic, the story is believable, exciting and engrossing and  the narrative from cover to cover a pleasure to read. Khamsin was most deservedly shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society 2014 Indie Award and I most enthusiastically recommend it as a worthwhile read"

Helen Hollick, author of Sea Witch, Bring It Close and Harold The King


 Khamsin, The Devil Wind of the Nile, Book 1 of Borg’s historical fiction series "Legends of the Winged Scarab," plays out during Egypt's First Dynasty. However, this ancient saga has the suspense, action & adventure of a modern thriller. It is followed by Sirocco, Storm over Land and Sea (a 2012 thriller), and After the Cataclysm (a 2014 dystopian novel). While they are linked by the mystery of ancient Egyptian gold, each volume can stand alone.

During the reign of Aha, second king of Egypt's First Dynasty, the High Priest of Ptah, Ramose, vies for control over his weak Horus-King, exchanging mental lances with the vile Vizier, Ebu al-Saqqara. Each man takes advantage of the Two Lands' warfare with the southern Noba who are reinforced by mercenaries from Kush and Wawat tribes.

Caught up in the dangerous court intrigues is Nefret, Aha's Royal Daughter and Heiress. Her forbidden love for the surgeon priest Tasar brings her not only into conflict with the powerful priesthood, but with the strict laws of Ma'at, a transgression punishable by death.

 As the khamsin rages over the Two Lands, those who seek to kill Princess Nefret are pitted against those who hope to save her.

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