advertise your quality self-published novelFollowing his careers in radio and TV broadcasting, motion picture and video production, C. J. has brought detectives Stan Wyld, Jake Steiner and Mallory Dimante to life in the mystery-thriller, Olive Park, the first book in the trilogy involving Sacramento's fictional cold case division.

Olive Park was named Best Mystery at the 2012 Global E-Book Awards, also named one of the Top 5 Mysteries of 2012 by the Reader's Favorite Awards and received a Bronze in Popular Fiction at the 2012 E-Lit AwardsCrimson Park, the second book in the trilogy will be out in 2014/15.

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advertise your quality self-published novelOlive Park

5 stars on Amazon

3.9 stars on Goodreads

Categories: Mystery / Thriller

"A chilling mystery about a child-murderer on the rampage... A devious and twisted contemporary novel, Olive Park is gripping and horrific, and will leave the reader with chills to the very end"

Midwest Book Review


It's 1997 - Olive Park, California - the bodies of three children are found buried in shallow graves. The most intensive investigation in California history fails to find any trace of the killer and the case goes cold.

15 years later – Veteran Detective Stan Wyld and Jake Steiner's newly formed Ongoing Investigation Division, is tested with its very first case – the Olive Park Murders.

And they have only three clues with which to work.

Abandoned graves in a sunlit clearing...

A clown's picture in a black frame...

Two quarters clutched in a dead child's hand...  

And that's all, until their new I.T. expert, young and ambitious Mallory Dimante, discovers the one chilling piece of evidence-

a freshly knotted rope-  

that proves Olive Park is no longer just a cold case.

The truth is much worse, because the child killer of Olive Park has never stopped and has already chosen its next victim. The race by Wyld, Steiner and Dimante to save her, ends in a page-turning climax deep in the moonlit woods of Olive Park.

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