Ascribe Novel Solutions: advertise, promote and market your quality self-published novel at ascribeme.comLike most people not born in a distant hypertech future, I was hatched the old-fashioned way. And as you can tell from my beard, not recently. Over the years I've had the good fortune of doing plenty of things I found interesting. In no particular order, these include working as a planner, a futurist, an evoluter, an entrepreneur, an art director/designer, a brandologist, a photographer, a copywriter, an editor, a portal publisher, a columnist, a counter role model for my children, a websmith, a communitarian, a permaculturist. At least those are ones I can remember without scratching my head in an unseemly way. As a business consultant during an earlier timezone of my life, I even found it illuminating to work with multinationals whose names begin with the letter "M" and many smaller firms whose names do not. But making stuff up and putting it in stories? Well, there just ain't nothin' quite that much fun.That said, my current work with the Institute for Perplexive Amusement (IPA), where I serve in the capacity of Chief Unscientist, can be almost that much fun. Sometimes. On a good day.

For the locationally curious, I live in a pigeon friendly barn west of the Cascades with my wife, Womana, and many of the usual barnish subjects. It's crazy good.

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ET's Ascribe title is: advertise, promote and market your quality self-published novel The Luck Of Madonna 13

5 stars on Amazon

4.6 stars on Goodreads

Category: Science Fiction

Winner of the Foreword Science Fiction Book Of The Year 2012 and Indiefab Science Fiction Book Of The Year 2015

"A rip-roaring good tale, a story for all ages. Better put, this is a story for all those people hip enough to 'get it'"

"E. T. Ellison has brought us a fully realized future world with humor and more than a little understanding of human nature. His characters are superbly executed; his plot winds up and unwinds in completely believable ways. The Luck of Madonna 13 is also full of Ellison-created wonders – flying castles, dragons and an evil bad guy who plays ZZ Top and has a penchant for 1934 Fords"

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The Luck of Madonna 13 is set in a remote part of northern New Mexico in the year 2434. Its population decimated by the Nirvana Exodus, the planet Earth is a mere shadow of its formerly expansive self. The irrepressible Madonna 13 (possibly the 13th clone of Original Madonna) has long since Elevated but her spirit lingers in the venerable IsoTown of St. Coriander.

As the tale begins, the reluctant heroine, 16-year-old Glendyl Fenderwell, has just been declared the town's 250th Luckiest, a dubious honor that banishes her from the only place she has known to seek the fabled Last Nevergate accompanied only by her wits and a smart-alecky backpack. Will she succeed where 249 previous Luckiests have failed? 

Lurking just beneath the surface of this fast-paced quest is something else entirely.

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