There's more exciting news this week as Ascribe Novel Solutions begins an alliance with Awesome Indies, who are submitting fresh authors, books and quotes to the site.

Awesome Indies complement Ascribe's ethos perfectly without going into competition. They not only insist on the highest standards before recommending an independent book, but they also offer a full appraisal and editorial service to make good indie books even better.

As for promotion, the site "lists independently published works of fiction that meet the same standards as books published by mainstream publishers - as evaluated by publishing industry professional", and while they don't accept books with only one recommendation from a published author (like Ascribe) they do have editors on board with Creative Writing and English degrees where Ascribe don't accept quotes from people who only have those qualifications but don't otherwise have a position in the book trade. Also their reviews are anonymous, where the kudos of joining Ascribe hinges on making the loudest noises from the biggest names possible.

So the two operations fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle: if your work is good but fails to match up to Ascribe criteria, it doesn't mean you won't be accepted by Awesome Indies, and vice versa.

Watch the Recent Submissions page for more updates.

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