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Fans of good writing will find the sort of books here that mainstream publishers are increasingly declining to commission on the grounds that they're not commercial enough. Entry criteria is very strict: all featured novels carry a recommendation from either somebody who has worked in the established fiction trade, an author published by a mainstream publisher or an author who is already featured on Ascribe.

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Have you been wondering how to promote your self-published novel?

Ascribe Novel Solutions will provide your book with a unique advertising platform that links to and from your social media as well as your own website, enhancing your overall online presence without claiming any rights to your work or charging commission. You will need at least one good recommendation for your book to qualify (see FAQS) but the more you have, the better.

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It's now become widespread knowledge in the book trade that the two biggest casualties of modern publishing are debut writers and literary fiction. Agents now find it so difficult to sell quality writing, especially from new authors, that they barely mention it in acquisitions meetings, and it's become so non-commercial a proposition that mainstream publishers hardly acknowledge its existence any more. Conversely, the most highly-populated category on Ascribe has always been Literary, and unpublished authors of quality fiction may well find this to be their only refuge in the future; but at the same time, authors writing in all genres with all levels of experience and success are now choosing to self-publish.  


 Author Testimonials advertise your quality self-published novel

 "Ascribe is a very useful, usable site, filtering good and well-recommended literature from the bewildering mass that is now available on the Internet.  It couldn't be more apposite and timely"

Berlie Doherty, twice Carnegie Medal and Writers' Guild Award winner advertise your self-published novel


 "Getting noticed is almost impossible nowadays. Ascribe is really needed"

 Helen Falconer, reviewer with The Guardian 2000 - 2005
 advertise your quality self-published novel 

"I'm thrilled to be on Ascribe"

Roz Morris, ghost writer with book sales of over four million





Ascribe Novel Solutions: advertise your quality self-published novel


"Ascribe's role as referee is vital. Readers and authors, be confident that standards are reassuringly high"

Jane Davis, winner of the Daily Mail First Novel Award
 advertise your quality self-published novel


“Panning for gold in the indie hills? Ascribe does the sifting and provides a map marked with an X”

JJ MarshEuropean correspondent for Words with Jam magazine and of Triskele Books 




Ascribe Novel Solutions: Promote and Advertise Your Self-Published Novel 

Ascribe Novel Solutions

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